Can someone explain contacts through Manychat

  • 8 March 2024
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I see in my Manychat account that I have 100 subscribers. These are people I can see who have engaged with me via DM on Instagram but it says that they subscribed. Can someone please explain to me what this function is? I haven’t enabled a feature for someone to subscribe so I'm not sure how that's possible through my DM's. Also the subscribed contacts appearing in many chat don't include all of my DM's so I'm not sure how it's being filtered. 


How do these contacts work on Manychat? Is there a functionality beyond just listing some of the people who DM’d me. 

4 replies

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1 contact = 1subscriber = one person that has interacted with your account.

You can click on each contact and see the Live Chat option to follow what their interaction was.

How to differ that from when I interact to someone for starters?

As soon as they engage with your chatbot, they become subscribers. The function is that you can use the 24 hour rule to engage with them. Check this out for more details 

Example: Someone engages with your bot, you can set up a time-delay and have the bot follow up with them to see if they have questions or need anything else like an upsell etc. 

I use “if the contact has not responded” in my flows to automatically follow up if I’m asking for contact information. The follow up says “Hey, it looks like you didn’t finish requesting your 20% coupon, are you still interested?”  this gets people to finish more than 50% of the time it’s triggered!!! that’s an awesome benefit! 

In my case i cloned my flow to another pro account, but it doesnt detect any contact, all of them are “unknown” even when they chat or even interact with the chatbot. Also when i try to get the users info (name, id, whatever) it appears blank, so i dont know what im doing wrong.