Creating a Semi-Automated Chatbot with GPT-4 and ManyChat: Feasibility and Implementation

I want to create a semi-automated chatbot using GPT-4 to draft replies for Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM. The operator will review and edit these drafts by GPT-4 before sending the reply. Is it possible to achieve this with ManyChat?"

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You could create an automation that sends the link to the message and the draft response to, for example, a Google Sheet.

Your operator can then review, copy the draft response, edit and send using Live Chat.

Thanks for the answer. 
But I want to save the process of cut & paste from Google sheet to Live Chat.
GPT-4’s draft is fed to Live Chat’s reply window is an ideal, i.e. not leaving from one platform. 
Any enhancement can be considered? 


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You could set a User Field with the reply, have the operator edit the custom field, then have them send a flow that sends the content of the User Field.

This way they just have to work from the Live Chat Window.

Sorry, I do not understand exactly how to do it.

Could you explain a bit more?

Currently what I am doing is as below.

ChatGPT’s output is set to “ChatGPTOutput” and reply automatically.
How should I chage this flow?

Thanks in advance,


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Delete “Send Message #3” and open the conversation.

Then have the agent check the conversation, check the content of “ChatGPT Output”, and send it manually.