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  • 11 June 2024
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I'm trying to link my FB and insta to set up many chats but when I go to insta to confirm linking the accounts an error message comes up at the very end that something is wrong on their end.  It's been weeks of this and I reported it to instagram.  What do I do?! Help!

7 replies

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can u provide screenshot of the error ?  


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okay thanks for fast reply i nned more details for that 

did u connect ut FB to instagram 

ur FB is bussines? 
ur instagram is bussines ? 

did u ever connected manychat to any of these account? 

I did connect my business FB to my Instagram I haven't connected many chats to Facebook.

My Instagram is business too

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okay i need go deeper if u will be that kind please DM me on my instagram @trolensys

Just messaged you