Instagram Automations stopped working?

  • 16 April 2024
  • 8 replies

Are Instagram automations down for anyone else? I posted on IG Reels today like normal (I’ve been using Manychat for about 2 weeks with no issues), and today the DMs were not triggering.

Is anyone else having issues with Manychat today?

8 replies

Edit: ALL of my automations stopped working as of 20 hours ago. Nothing changed on my end with instagram or manychat, they just seemed to stop working.

OKay so I'm not the only one. Last week this happened to me. No matter what I do, I cannot get this to trigger again. 

It has just happened to me. I simply can’t activate my latest trigger. And I haven’t reached any free account limits. 



J’ai exactement le même problème! apparemment tout est bien paramétré mais le processus ne se déclenche plus!

Happening to me today - new and old automations are not delivering promised content. 😬

Même problème, je suis bloquée à 4 automatisations simples. Pour en mettre une nouvelle, je dois désactiver une autre. 

Happened to me yesterday and none of it is working – has anyone found a fix?

Its not working for me neither! It is weird becuase it sends the notification and inbox message to the user on instagram but inside the message it doesn’t show the textbox with the button. 
Its like a ghost message. 

Hope it gets fixed because it ruined my lead magnet video 😅