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  • 12 February 2024
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Hey guys,

My messages are cut of. In some automations everyting is going great. And in some automations all the messages are cut of in the Instagram DM's. 

Today I made an automation wich it works for a part; the buttons are there, the start of the massage also, but the end of the message not.

In Manychat Live Chat, it looks like as if the whole message is sent.

But in the Instagram app, in the DM's, a piece of text is not present.

I also asked the reciever if the got the whole message, and they didnt.

Can someone help and tell me how to fix it?

I dont use the Pro version yet.

Have a nice day,


17 replies

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Are the texts too long and with a button or URL on then?

If so, you may need to shorten the text. IG shortens the text when there’s a button or link on the message.

Hi! Did you get any help with this? I have the same problem

Having the same issue! It just started today. I have to pro version but this is happening too.

Having the same problem

Hey guys! 👋

I’m having some trouble with messages getting cut off in my automations.

Some of them are working perfectly, but others are getting cut off in Instagram DMs. 😠 It started happening a few hours ago, and I’m hoping you can help me fix it. 🙏

Any ideas what might be going on?


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I’ve the same problem… the length is trimmed and since yesterday were working fine

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I’ve found out that my issue is the button… I tried to remove it and it works fine and replace it with the quick response

Hi, guys!

I have the same problem today 😞everything worked well yesterday. 

How can I resolve this problem? Thanks in advance!

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create the separate blocks messages one with the text the second with the buttons and it would work

I have the same issue, I subitted a ticket on the support page, it seems that there´s something wrong on meta´s side. Support said that they´ll try to fix it ASAP.

Looks like tons of people are having this problem. @ManyChat - help us!!

I just solved it while meta updates their bug. 
I created another message (shorter) that says something like “Link below” and then the button, so when people reply, they will receive 2 messages. one with the long text and one with a short txt and the link, it solves it for now, if someone wants to do it might be helpful!

Also having this issue. Have Manychat/Meta provided any update on a timeline for when this is going to be resolved?

PLEASE FIX THIS MANYCHAT. This is messing with peoples work!!! 

How can I send two messages? One only text and one with the button? Thank you!

Having the same issue. And you can’t use the above solution of sending two messages separately (one with button) when sending a comment reply, only when they DM you the keyword can you do that. Anyone have an update on when this will be fixed?

Same happening with us, I saw the response from the ManyChat team in another thread, but unfortunately they don’t tell about the timeframe :