Not all post and reels are available

  • 18 March 2024
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Hi, I’m creating an automation to send DM and replies to comments on Instagram. I applied the trigger for all posts or reels. However, it seems that the comments on some of the reels are not triggering the automation. When I checked, the ones that did not trigger the automation were also not listed on the specific post or reel list. How can I make it available for all posts and reels?

Here are the available posts on Manychat trigger:


Here are the actual posts:


4 replies

Hello! Experiencing the same problem😢

I’m having the same issue!  The reel I need isn’t showing up to be selected and its on IG

The ones that are not on the list are collaboration posts. So in my case, those posts are from the influencer that my account collaborated with, they do the post and collaborate with my account. This doesn’t seem to trigger the automation, is there any way for me to do the automation and reply/DM the commenters using my account?

I have the same question as Tri. The issue I am having with the post is also on a collaboration . Is there a way I can trigger it manually.