Problem with Next Steps in Automations

  • 17 April 2024
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Hi everyone. Im trying to set up an automation where I can set up a next step that gives me the option that if the person does reply, that it goes to one message, but if they don’t reply, then it waits and send a different message 


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To set up the automation you described in ManyChat, you can follow these steps:

  1. Tag the User: Initially, tag the user who responds to your message. This will help in identifying those who have engaged with your chatbot.

  2. Conditional Check: Use a conditional block to check if the user has replied. If the user has responded, the flow will continue to a specific message tailored for those who have engaged.

  3. Smart Delay: For users who do not reply immediately, implement a Smart Delay. This will pause the chat flow for a predetermined amount of time before moving to the next step.

  4. Second Conditional Check: After the delay, use another conditional block to verify if the user has replied during the waiting period.

  5. Send Appropriate Message: Depending on whether the user has the tag (indicating they have replied), send a tailored message. If they haven't replied, you can send a different message intended to re-engage them or provide further information.

This setup ensures that your chatbot effectively handles both immediate and delayed responses, enhancing the interaction experience.