Problem with people not able to see Instagram DM automation or open link via button

  • 8 February 2024
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problems I am having with my Instagram automations. 

I am using an automation for people replying a keyword to my reel and sending them a DM with a link. I’ve been having 2 problems since quite recently:

  1. Some people message me they cannot see the message I send them, even though I can personally see it within the DM - anybody else has this problem and knows how to fix it? Or does it have to do something with their own settings? 
  2. Lately I’ve been getting a ton of messages from people that are not able to open the link I add as a button in my DM. I think it has something to do with opening links within Instagram but I’m not entirely sure. Anybody knows what might be going on? 

Thanks a lot for helping me out! 


8 replies

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Hey Anne!

To answer your questions:

  1. Are these people on Instagram Desktop? Because on Instagram Desktop you cannot see buttons.
  2. This might also be related to Instagram Desktop. Easy fix would be to just use plain links instead of using buttons

Hope this helps!


I am having these problems, too, and it not limited to people on desktop. It is happening to MOST of my messages and severely impacting my business. My messages are going to their requests folder or they are not able to find them at all. 

I am having the exact same issues. People cannot see the message. Not answer as of yet to how it can be fixed :-( Im wondering how many sales potentially have not gone through due to this error.  

i have the same issue 


i am on trial of many chat , if there is no fix then its an issue



Just use simple links without buttons, some people don’t see links in a web IG version.

This caused some troubles for me as well until I completely got rid of the button and put a direct link.

Yeah we can get rid of the buttons but what’s the point then of having manychat & pay for it can’t do it’s functions properly.

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Can Gith accomplish the task and create a new link or open the link?