Subscription cancelled. Pro option missing?

  • 9 July 2024
  • 1 reply

I logged in today to see that my Pro subscription had “expired” and when I click Renew, I don’t see “Free”, “Pro”, or “Premium” as is on the sales page, but now “Marketing Automation” for 45 a month.

Have the pricing models changed but not been announced publicly? Or can I get back tot he 15 per month “Pro” plan?

1 reply

Ok, it seems I just need to upgrade because I went past 2500 contacts. BUT, usually it scales automatically. My guess is ManyChat are brining in new names for everything and so they have to get our express consent to sign up, hence cancelling my subscription. I didn’t get an email as far as I’m aware.

Not cool ManyChat.

Any clarification please?