Hello I am Tomás Escobar, Your Spanish Manychat Educator, ready to serve.

  • 7 February 2024
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I'm Tomás Escobar, and I'm really excited to join this vibrant community. A big hello from Spain! 🇪🇸


Let me share a bit about my journey. It all started in China, where I got to work with WeChat. That experience opened my eyes to the power of messaging apps and how they're woven into daily life.


Before diving into the world of chatbots, I had the privilege of working with giants like Honeywell, AT&T, and IBM. These experiences gave me a solid foundation in technology and customer engagement, teaching me invaluable lessons along the way.


Fast forward to now, I've founded THE CHATBOT ACADEMY. The idea was born out of a belief in the potential of chatbots and ManyChat to revolutionize business communication. And we've seen incredible success, generating over 2 million euros and sending out a million messages last year alone. It's been an amazing journey!


ManyChat and chatbots, to me, are not just tools. They represent the future of conversational marketing. They allow us to engage with customers on a personal, immediate, and relevant level. With ManyChat, I've been able to create engaging and interactive experiences that customers love.


I'm here to both share my insights from working with top tech companies and chatbot development, and to learn from all of you. Whether it's about the latest in chatbot technology or innovative conversational marketing strategies, I believe we can all learn from each other and grow.


I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas and insights on how we can use chatbots to change the way businesses communicate. Let's make this journey together!

2 replies

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Great to have you in the community, Tomas!

HI! i’ve been having this issue where anyone who messages me will get this reply, do you happen to know how to fix this?