FAQ: All you need to know about the Manychat basics

  • 9 February 2024
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Hello Manychat Community❗

For some time I see there is a lot of people that are just asking for money instead of help.

Of course, I helped a tons of people here for free and a lot of just paid me for my time and my knowledge even when I don't ask for that.

But to the point.

Here is something from me for FREE hope you like it.


1. Can I use Manychat on FB groups, Personal page, TikTok?

NO, Manychat is dedicated only for:

  • Facebook business page
  • Instagram business or creator profile
  • WhatsApp business - PRO ONLY
  • Telegram - Only bot account, not a group
  • SMS (by Twilio) - PRO ONLY All of these can be connected to 1 Manychat account


2. I got a Free account and it asked me to buy a pro but I did not reach 1000 contacts why?

Manychat represents paid plans wrong on so many levels and they should fix it! HERE I will represent you what really Free account let it do.


  • max 1000 contacts
  • 1 Team member
  • 4 growth tools (mean 4 automations live)
  • 10 tags
  • 3 keywords
  • 2 sequences
  • 1 Live chat seats
  • Manychat branding if you reach any of that manychat will ask you to buy pro plan for 15$ or 99$

If you are using Manychat app instead of asking you to buy pro plan you will see an error message “The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format” with really means “You reached your free plan automations limit, please upgrade to PRO” This too should be fixed lol

Pro 15$

  • max 500 contacts
  • 3 Team member
  • UNLIMITED growth tools
  • UNLIMITED tags
  • UNLIMITED keywords
  • UNLIMITED sequences
  • 3 Live chat seats
  • Support access to write a ticket (XD no comment)
  • No branding

if you reach more than 500 contacts it will just increase the cost depending on your contacts number eg.

2,500 - 25$ 5,000 - 45$ 10,000 - 65$ 50,000 - 235$ etc

if you want more Live chat seats you need to upgrade to Inbox

Inbox 99$ (no one of my clients or me are using that so when I say something wrong please just tell me so we can fix it)

  • UNLIMITED contacts
  • UNLIMITED Team member
  • 4 growth tools (but on the pricing page it says unlimited so I am confused)
  • UNLIMITED tags
  • UNLIMITED keywords
  • UNLIMITED sequences
  • 3 Live chat seats
  • No branding

if you want to increase Live chat seats it costs 39$ to add additional and you have to add unlimited

I have absolutely no idea what with this Inbox is going on because on the pricing page it says unlimited and it is called “PREMIUM” and when you go to billings it is called “Inbox”

If all is how I understand it if you have more than 15,000 contacts it is worth to switch for “Inbox” aka “Premium”

I want to just ask here if I am using Email future in Pro plan for 15$ where I got 5,000 free emails because I am paying for 500 contacts in the Inbox/Premium. Will I have unlimited emails cause I am paying for unlimited contacts? Just curious.



3. I try to add my Instagram to Manychat. I end the whole process and I am looped in the same page with say connect….

It is a common permission problem at some point your Facebook page is not connecting to your Instagram SOLUTION FULL GUIDE BY ME

First of all Refresh permission

Go to the left bottom corner and click the “?” sign then choose Refresh permission.

Make sure your FB is a business page and your Instagram is a creator or business before trying to connect.

  1. Go to your Instagram app go to your profile click edit scroll little down and check if your Instagram profile is connected to your business page if there is connected other page remove it and connect your business page you want to use on Manychat account. if you can’t add your page from the Instagram app make it in your Meta business account center just add this account and link it

  2. Go back to your profile hit hamburger menu top right corner then choose settings and privacy then messages and story replies then first option message controls and under Connected tools make sure you have switched ON Allow access to messages.

if you can't add your page from the Instagram app make it in your Meta business just add this account and link it

  1. Go to your private Facebook profile in the top right corner click on your avatar then choose settings and privacy then settings on opened page drag mouse to the left side scroll down to find Business integrations In Business Integrations Find Manychat and remove it.

  2. Now go to manychat, go to settings, choose messenger scroll down to the bottom and remove Facebook. Wait for 30 sec and reconnect Facebook and then add Instagram.

You’re Welcome

If this does not help You need to contact support and ask them to debug your account but in most cases, it is not needed. (and that is a little stupid because you want to try the Manychat for free you can't connect account and you can't make a ticket even if you make a ticket I will wait 2 weeks for an answer. That's why people ask me for help. It is faster lol)


4. Can I send DMs to new followers when they follow me?

No! Sending automated DM’s to new followers is against Meta policy and this is not allowed.


5. I set up a flow for comments to post but when I try to Save flow it shows Mark this message as a "Comment Reply" if you want to send it as a reply to a post or reel comment.” ” do not confuse this with a "quick reply".

Find the first message box (node) in your flow after the trigger box (the very first node). Click the first message node and on the left side find blue text “within 24h window” click on this and choose “comment reply” now click SetLive/Save.


6. I’ve setup Ads trigger but when try to save it shows error “Add at least one Quick Reply to the first message to set up Instagram Ads”

Go to the first message node and add Quick reply instead of the button now connect this quick reply to another message node and put what you want there.


7. People are commenting on my post and they don't get messages even in other folders.

It is a Meta issue when someone comments on a post and clicks on the notification they see information that they got the message because they comment on the post but the message is blank. We can just control it at this moment and connect with these people manually and when they answer send the automation again manually from Live chat. (bug is not happening when users were talking with us earlier or following us before trigger automation.


8. I got comment reply automation and my account is restricted why? I thought that ManyChat is a Meta partner.

Yes, ManyChat is a Meta partner, which can be easily verified on the Meta website, but that doesn't mean our account can't be subjected to restrictions or even get blocked. ManyChat is just a tool, and if we use it improperly, our account will be subjected to restrictions.

From my experience, the best solution is always to use 20 different response variants in comments to avoid being quickly caught by Meta's algorithm and having our account restricted. Unfortunately, looking at clients, if we exceed 50 responses to comments per minute, our account will receive restrictions anyway. Therefore, for larger accounts, especially on viral posts, it's best to immediately disable this function (I am working on creating automation that will notify us when we are approaching the limit so we can react as quickly as possible and disable it even from a phone level. At least until ManyChat negotiates with Meta on this matter and they work out some kind of protection for users of automation because it's silly, and I also disagree with the fact that our and our clients' accounts are being restricted for using automation that is promoted as safe. Nevertheless, nothing worse has ever happened than just having the commenting ability blocked for a few days.


9. My followers using buttons and I get the message “Get updates”

Users are using automations on Instagram from the desktop. Automations for Instagram on desktop are not supported.

I suggest you to make a trigger for DM keyword “get updates” in a few languages most used by your audience because these buttons are shown differently depends on the language user is using Instagram. and after he clicks the button and button will send “Get updates” we are sending him kindly message about that to use these buttons/automations please use the mobile Instagram app (and I can confirm a lot of users just from this point start using automations from the app and continue the flow)


10. Everything was working fine but now my automations not working

Refresh permission! If this is not helping, try to go to Business integrations find manychat, open it and disable permissions then go back to manychat and refresh permission again. If this does not help try to remove the account and connect it again it should now work and see your Instagram posts etc in your flows. If that still not help you have to open a ticket and ask support to debug your account from their side.


11. I set login option by Gmail and I want to change it

Unfortunately, it is not possible for some reason. The "manage sign-in options" function does not allow us to manage login options but only to add them.


12. I try to preview response in external request but it shows “Please Opt-in to preview”

Go to ur settings messenger and there click blue SUBSCRIBE button or just create any automation in messenger ant run it in preview.

Hope it helps somebody and save some time

By @trolensys

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Thanks! 🥰

Happy automating 🤖

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