Manychat + ChatGPT Hybrid: The best of both worlds

  • 15 February 2024
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I know we all love our perfectly crafted conversations we’ve been creating with ManyChat for a while now.

And we all also love the flexibility of AI, and would love to have an AI bot that’s perfectly on brand, can understand user intentions and at the same time use our perfect conversations to get our customers over the line.

Achieving this AI can be quite a challenge though.

One way I’ve been using ManyChat + ChatGPT/OpenAI is with a hybrid approach:

  • I use ChatGPT to read what the user entered and interpret that better than any keyword could have done.
  • Then we use ManyChat conditions to direct the customer to the right path in our ManyChat bot.
  • Add to this a bit of AI-generated content, and you get the best of both worlds!

Here’s an example of how this is done:


How have you been using AI with ManyChat so far?

Do you think this use case can be useful for you and your clients?

5 replies

Hi. How do I structure this for a more complex business to enable llike more than 5 client inquiries handled within the chat before assignment to a sales person?

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You have to be tidy and organized! :D

You could for example add a counter for number of enquiries, and trigger your conditions based on these.

So on each new enquiry, you increase the counter, and when it gets to 5 you direct them to a person instead of having AI + pre-written flows handle it.

It’s all a matter of taking control of the conversation and using the power of Manychat with the power of AI to get the job done.

Nice INTENT Selector. Its kind of like the DEFAULT REPLY terminology needs to be re named.

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Nice INTENT Selector. Its kind of like the DEFAULT REPLY terminology needs to be re named.

Hey what’s up Hilton!? How are you buddy?

Yes! This is the #1 use I’m giving for ChatGPT + Manychat.

Detecting intent mid-flow (not just for default replies), cleaning out email addresses and phone numbers (when people reply with ‘Sure, my email is’), and a bunch of other use cases.

I have a student on my membership who has replaced forms (sequential lead gen questions) with these classifier flows. He’s a saxophone player, and he needs name, location, date, email and phone to book an event. He’s using logic like this to only ask for the missing pieces of information for that specific person… :D

Anyways, a pleasure to see you here man!! ;)

Hey this is cool! I’m excited about this use case. I didn’t think to use AI like this to direct traffic to other flows. I’m going to do some testing to see how I can use this to better serve my mortgage clients. Thank you Gustavo.