Add Individual WhatsApp Contacts: Save Time and Spreadsheets!

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Add Individual WhatsApp Contacts: Save Time and Spreadsheets!

Hi Manychat Community! 


🤩 Dazzling New Update!


📝 Add WhatsApp Contacts manually in your Contacts section of Manychat! This update eliminates the need for cumbersome CSV or spreadsheet imports when adding individual contacts, saving you precious time.

🤔 How do you use it? Simply click the “Save Phone for WhatsApp Conversations” box while typing in a contact’s number. This will add the phone as a WhatsApp contact and allow you to start WhatsApp conversations by sending message templates in Broadcasts or Live Chat.

📞 Collecting Phone Numbers in your Flows? If you use User Inputs to collect phone numbers, you can now toggle on WhatsApp IDs in the flowbuilder. Now you can automatically store WhatsApp IDs through your automations!

🦺 Marked Safe from Duplicating Contacts: Manychat’s team has also implemented a failsafe to ensure you don’t duplicate existing contacts by adding a number already in your database.

🔄 Consistency Across Channels: With this update, WhatsApp joins the rest of Manychat’s channels like Messenger, and Instagram where you can manually add individual contacts.

❤️ Do you love this update? Comment below to let us know how this changes your WhatsApp process, and what other features you would love to see 👇

Thats quite nice :)

Very nice thanks


This going to save me A LOT of time 😭 Thanks! 

I would love to see this through API 🙏