Connect your Instagram to create a Manychat account: Easier, Simpler, Faster

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Connect your Instagram to create a Manychat account: Easier, Simpler, Faster

We’re happy to introduce a simplified process for creating a Manychat account for Instagram!

This update allows you to set up your account quickly and effortlessly, without the need for a Facebook account. Just go to the ‘Create Account’ section, enter your Instagram credentials, and you’re ready to rock.


🔥 Key benefits:

  • No Facebook Business account needed: Simplify your setup by using only your Instagram credentials.
  • Quick and easy setup: Get started with Manychat in minutes by following the straightforward registration process.

📖 Learn more in the Help Center article: How to connect Instagram to Manychat.


Start your DM automation journey! 🚀


Honestly I don’t believe that I need a PROOF ! 


but if this is try it is Truely a GAME CHANGER 🔥

Não consegui fazer esse passo a passo, o sistema identifica apenas minha conta principal do instagram e não permite fazer o login direto no instagram desejado

This way it only allows me to add Instagram accounts that are in my Accounts Center, but I have full access to my clients facebook page and Instagram account. Before I was able to add clients IG accounts because I had full access, but now I can only add accounts that are in my Accounts Center, but the problem with that is that clients won't add their accounts to my account center because it can only be in ONE person's account center. How to I add IG accounts that I have full access now? Please help urgently

If this might simplify solopreneurs, it’s really really bad if you work as an agency for large clients. Most of them won’t simply share their login credentials and even if they do, by adding an account you will have to go through security verifications of all sorts with all the negative consequences.

The Meta Business Suite is the tool Meta provides exactly for the purpose of letting partners work on their properties, without giving out their login credentials. While this was reported by Manychat as a new way of adding accounts because of a change in IG API flow, I see that the old way of adding accounts is still working (we also integrate with Meta’s API directly for other apps, and it works perfectly) on Chatfuel and others.

Manychat team, maybe a better idea could be to let us choose whether we prefer the “old way” or the new login credentials to add accounts?

For us this new approach is absolutely unmanageable and we’re considering moving all accounts to a different platform (we would hate this because we think Manychat is an amazing platform).

I am also having issues with this. I can see the client’s FB Page, but am unable to add their IG. 

The only account it says I can connect is mine - which is no good as I have my own MC/IG account.

It doesn’t give me an option to choose another account either.

Work with this client is currently on hold until I can access the account.

I love Manychat, but this is unworkable as an agency. 

Is there a solution or workaround - there must be surely? Who are the Manychat team members who monitor / reply to this community?