Importing Contacts just got even easier!

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Importing Contacts just got even easier!

Hi Manychat Community! 👋


Importing Contacts to WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and Email just got a whole lot easier!

What’s different? We’ve updated the process for importing contacts in the Contacts tab. This feature was heavily requested and will definitely reduce confusion moving forward.

👥 Who gets to use this? This update will only affect Manychat Admins and Pro users.

🤔 How do I use it? If you want to import contacts, simply go to the Contacts section in the Manychat account and click the top right button “Import” button. You’ll see this snazzy new window.


Here you can see what channels you have connected which will help you determine what type of contacts you can import. If you don’t have a channel connected, you can click to be linked to the connection process.

If you don’t have SMS or Email connected, you will be linked to Manychat support to conduct the approval process.

Now you can import CSV files and be sure which channel these contacts will be added to! 🎉

*Remember, contact imports will increase your subscription plan and if you have an active Rule with the “New contact” trigger, it will be triggered for every new contact in the uploading list.


❤️ Do you love this update? Comment below to let us know how this changes your importing process, and what other features you would love to see 👇


Then this: /fb/subscriber/findByCustomField
and once you get de id you can do this:


I’m having this same problem importing contacts. What shoukd I do? Thank you.