📍Save Locations from WhatsApp Conversations as User Fields

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📍Save Locations from WhatsApp Conversations as User Fields

Hi Manychat Community! 👋

We’re excited to announce a new, highly requested feature 🙌

For a while now, your customers have been able to share their locations with you on live chat, but now within an automation, you can request AND store this information as a user field. Just use the new Share Location button!


Check out the video below to get a complete overview of the new feature from our WhatsApp Product Designer :


Now when you receive location data from your customers within your Manychat automations, you can store it in a user field for future filters and marketing campaigns! This feature is currently available on WhatsApp, and we have plans to release this for our other channels in the future.


Why is this update important?

Now you don’t have to manually log a customer’s location or create complicated solutions for receiving or storing a pin! You and your customers can connect easily and know exactly where each other are by simply checking the user field where you stored it. Check out these use cases below:

💰 Lead qualification: Do you only serve a certain location? Include this User Input within your flow and make sure you're automatically filtering out the people who are too far away.

🚗 Deliveries: Let your customers tell you exactly where they are so you can deliver your product without manually asking or logging.

Repeated support: If your customers need you to be onsite immediately, don’t waste time with the back and forth. Receive their location once, store it for future needs, and be on the road instantly!


How do I use it? 🤔

After opening a new flow and a message node, select User Input and change the Reply Type from Text to Location


Afterwards, you can choose or create a custom field to save the location data, and you can also determine other factors like how many times you would like to retry if the user doesn’t respond.

When users interact with the Share Location Button, they'll be prompted to share their location through WhatsApp's native UI. Watch the preview

Now you can seamlessly request users location data through a Manychat automation! Also agents on LiveChat now have the ability to preview and interact with the shared location data, further enhancing the support and services you can provide through Manychat.


You asked, we answered 😉


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