Hi! I'm the Manychat's Community Manager

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Hi everyone! 👋


Happy Monday! I’m excited to introduce myself: I’m Raquel, originally from Lisbon, Portugal, and now based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’ve recently joined Manychat as a Community Manager, working closely with @Marina.


I’m passionate about creating inclusive and valuable community opportunities, and I’m excited to meet all the Manychat users! In my free time, you can find me reading in a park or making ceramics in my home studio. 

Feel free to get in touch with me in English or Portuguese.  🤗

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Welcome, @Raquel Candeias! We are so lucky to have you 🤗


nice to be a member at tour community...wish that


I am not being able to change my WhatsApp business profile picture or access through my phone. Can anyone help?

Hi, I am Surendra from Nepal. I am a local businessman. I want to connect my business globally.

Welcome 🙂

 Does anyone know how I can change my ManyChat profile picture?

helloooo welcome

Oi o meu nome é Mateus eu quero muito entrar na comunidade 

Mam problem, ponieważ połączyłem jedno z kont podlegających pod meta buissnes suite z manychatem, a tym samym z instagramem. Jednak aktualnie nie dysponuję już tym kontem, ponieważ zostało ono usunięte. Skutkuje to tym, że nie moge połączyć mojego obecnego konta manychat z instagramem, bo wysyła prośbe do poprzedniego, a ja nie mam jak tego zatwierdzić. Co w takiej sytuacji zrobić? 

Hello, I have an important problem, you need to answer urgently, I linked manychat to my reels on Instagram - to the comment of this reels and to direct, at first it worked, but now it’s not working, it’s not responding, we need to solve this problem urgently, please help

Hello, I have a problem, when messages are automatically sent to users on Instagram, they are not complete and the message is not displayed in full.
Do you know the reason for this problem?