Hi! Introduce yourself 👋

  • 21 November 2023
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Hi Manychatters!

A big, warm welcome to all our newest members! 🤗

Please use this thread to get to know your fellow community members and introduce yourself. Share a bit about who you are, what you do, your interests, and what brings you to the Manychat Community.


I’ll go first! My name is Marina, I am a Head of Community and Education here at Manychat. I’m based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m truly passionate about community building, automation and operationalisation, and educating people through effective learning strategies. When not working, I dedicate time to learning Dutch, pursuing my MBA course, or working out.

I’m here to create a safe and vibrant space for all Manychat users to get together and share knowledge.


Now, it’s your turn!

86 replies

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Hey ManyChat Community! 

I’m Tim and I live in the “Redneck Riviera”, (the Gulf Coast of Alabama) with my wife and 3 kids. I help create SAAS lead gen and nurture solutions with ManyChat for my clients and students. 

I’m looking forward to helping lot’s of businesses thrive in 2023.


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Hi Manychat Community

I am Sacha and I run a chat marketing agency - ‘Think Outside The Bot’ in the UK -  I have been a Manychat user since 2017 and have seen many changes over the years and have managed to  survive them all - just added a few more grey hairs!!   I am a keen football fan ⚽ as I  follow local team Reading Football Club home and away.  I live in a small village in Berkshire with my husband.  My four children have flown the nest and have started to multiply. 

Who knows what 2023 will bring in the exciting world of Manychat but I know that being part of this community will ensure that my clients and students are always up to date with the best solutions to help grow and maintain their businesses.

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👋 Hi ManyChat Community 😃

I am working full time with ManyChat since 2017 and gained lots of experience as an official ManyChat Educator & Agency Partner. In 2019 I attended the ManyChat Conversations Conference in Austin, TX. Over the years I got to know many team members of ManyChat personally to discuss improvements on the platform. I got so deep into using ManyChat, so sometimes I think, I know some functionality even better than some team members 😉

I specialized in complex chatbot architecture and technical advanced solutions 🇩🇪 🇺🇸 🇪🇸.
Therefore I created a business suite of chatbot templates with a basic operating system and many specialized applications to add for fitness studios, online business, ecommerce, live events & local business.

I offer lead generation & qualification along the customer journey as well as sophisticated customer support solutions. Furthermore I love to combine all kinds of external online tools with ManyChat to provide awesome user experiences and business automation 🚀

In my private live I am a happy family father and enjoy living inside a banana plantation on the Canary Islands 🌊🏝🍌


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Hi guys, Milena from Brazil here! I am part of the best Spanish-speaking Franciskanos community in Trilce Jirón (no les gustamos pizza con piña, por supuesto jajaj) and in Brazil, the LARGEST automation community that popularized manychat for big players in digital marketing with Thales Laray leading the way. My dream is to become a ManyChat ambassador in Brazil, as we already have Tril, la madre de todos los chatbotero LATAM. However, language is still a barrier in Brazil. We are the only country in Latin America that doesn't speak Spanish and less than 3% speak English. I'm here to help with support and also to mobilize this community, which will undoubtedly be our flagship and also our ManyChat oracle.

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Eyup Fellow Manychat users,

I’m Mark from little old Upper Hutt in New Zealand, originally from Yorkshire, England.

I love all sport and in my youth participated in as many as I could, I still enjoy a game of Footy, although age is catching me up and follow my beloved Liverpool FC. One of my current passions is standup paddleboard surfing, just love getting out there in my happy place.

I currently work as a Real Estate Salesperson and looking for help with getting Seller leads through Facebook using messenger and manychat.

So any help would be appreciated with both the manychat side and also how to effectively use facebook adverts.



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Hi Manychaters :)

I am Adriana, and glad to have found you and looking forward to mutual cooperation with you.
I have 20 years of experience as a real estate agent in California and 10 years as a real estate connector/wholesaler in several states. I also have over 30 years of expertise in gemstones and fine jewelry and sell online. 

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I am John. From US. I was off from ManyChat a few weeks, I think. At the moment, I need to sign back here. Graduated 2020. The student loans was not enjoyable, I can tell you that. I am looking forward to learn about ManyChats features.

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My name is Ninfa, I'm in the industry of Insurance Company as Insurance Agent, here in the Philippines. I want to offer my services, availability, and education to our clients so they are equipped to make wise decisions. But, I want to explore my knowledge in a new field of business to expand my learning in the fields of marketing and to help people to plan for their future and to have a better health.

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My name is Martin. I am from Cape Town in South Africa but have been living in France for 20 years. I have been using ManyChat since 2018/2019. ManyChat has gone through some radical changes (as has the industry) and since ChatGPT arrived it feels like everything is changing. 

I hope ManyChat is proactive and stays ahead of the market.

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Hi guys! I’m Daniel from Brazil (living in Berkeley, CA) and run Vitamina Publicitária, a marketing agency in Brazil. We’re specialized in content marketing, inbound, video, Google and Facebook Ads, websites, CRM, Notion, and ManyChat! Been using MC a couple of years now, automating a few clients from different segments. 

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Hello, nice to meet you! 

My name is Debora, i am Brazilian, current living in Cartagena, Colombia.

I am a hotelier, love IA and automations. Have twot Instagram profiles, one for @IA.pratico and another one about travel, at @facilitandoviagem

Very happy to learn with you guys!

Hello, My name is Chonya Alvarez and I am the owner of Lets Plan a Party, a full service event and entertainment company the the Tampa area. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS STUFF AND FEEL LIKE I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE .😥

I'm Thanh, from Vietnam, my company sells rose seedlings, we are representatives of David Austin roses in Vietnam.
I use manychat at a basic level, looking forward to receiving more guidance.

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I'm Alessandro Devigus, a Swiss dentist deeply passionate about digital technologies. My journey in dentistry has always been guided by a curiosity for the innovative and the unexplored, leading me to venture into the exciting realm of digital solutions within dental practice.

As someone who believes in the power of technology to transform our field, I'm thrilled to be here among like-minded enthusiasts. I see this as a splendid opportunity to learn from each other, share insights, and together, push the boundaries of what's possible in dentistry and beyond.

Looking forward to embarking on this journey with all of you, exploring new horizons, and discovering the potential that digital technology holds for our profession.

Let's connect, share, and grow together!

Warmest regards, Alessandro Devigus

👋 Hi ManyChat Community 😃

I use manychat for a lot of purposes. It auto replies and DMs people who reply to my reels for me, which is great. Or it only auto replies or takes action when a certain word is typed for a specific reels. That's great.

I've been doing digital marketing for a few months now.
I do faceless digital marketing in this field and I have an instagram account. I would be very happy if you follow me.

Let’s connect, share and grow together!

Best regards, FDE

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I’m Liesbeth from the Netherlands and I’m the dutch TikTok Queen. 

I used Manychat in my former business and loved it. I use Manychat for instagram reels and stories. I’m not active enough yet on Insta, but I do use it lot and it works and makes life easier.


I will also teach on digital products in a few months, but I’m still working on my TikTok Starterkit.

I do love communities, I have my TikTok Membership which after 4 months really starts to be a community so lets see what this community brings.

So hello Manychat Community form the Netherlands :-)

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Hello, my name is Daniela Uzcategui, a young woman passionate about innovation... I believe that automation is here to improve the world where we live and that they are key tools to evolve as humans and society.♥

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Hello! I’m Jess, wife, mom of 3 and 1 golden doodle. My family and I traveled the US in our Airstream for 13 months, then landed in Austin Texas and have been here for a year and loving it. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 13 years, been working online building businesses and recently started faceless digital marketing. I’m excited to have been invited into this group and getting to know all of you! 

Hi Manychat Community, my name is Sebastine from United States. I am excited to be here with you guys. I am new to Manychat and I hope to interact with the community, which in turn will bring some useful learning. Thank you all.

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Hey everyone! Im JJ founder of Chat Automations. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Been a Day 1 ManyChat users. Glad to connect with you all. I have meet some great people through the community. Excited to meet you all.

Hi guys👋 Glad to be here! I am a mom of two boys living in west TX working full time as an Amazon Influencer and Amazon seller. I’ve been using Manychat for automation comment reply on IG which has been a GAME CHANGER for my business. I’m ready to learn new strategies and features I can implement to ramp up sales this year. Excited to learn and grow here!

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Hello everyone! I am Vadim, I have about 5 years experience with ManyChat. Ask me if you need help.

Hi everyone, hope you are all well! I am the owner of AfroBot Studio. I work with solo-entrepreneurs and SMEs, helping digitalizing their business. My clients are mainly based in West Africa (francophone) and France. At AfroBot Studio we do automation and no-code. 

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Hey ManyChat friends,

New ManyChat user here and I’m already enjoying what this platform can do.

I'm Marcus, also known as @dafingaz in the music world! 🎵

I’m a music composer and music producer.

I've had the amazing opportunity to work on some incredible projects for companies like Disney, National Geographic, Smithsonian, MTV, BET, and more.

I also have music on a film, called “Hemisphere” that is streaming on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, and Tubi! 🎬✨

One of my biggest dreams for this year is to land music on a Disney movie trailer - or better yet, multiple trailers! 🚀🎥 There's something truly magical about creating music that sets the perfect tone for those captivating Disney moments we all know and love. 🏰✨

So, if you're a filmmaker, content creator, or fellow music enthusiast looking to collaborate on some epic projects, I'm your guy!

Let's make some musical magic together! 🎶✨

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Hi everyone! My name is Tamryn and I run an online mental health account @honestlyholistic on Instagram and @honestly.holistic on TikTok. Many Chat has been amazing especially with the “comment to DM” function as I create free PDF’s for my audience and delivering it using this feature has been super easy, my email list has grown faster since I’ve been using it! I also use it to deliver new podcast episode links, and blog links to my audience. Love to meet some people also running their own communities online to just chat with or share ideas.