Manychat for Restaurants

  • 14 April 2024
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Have any of you tried helping restaurant businesses with manychat? If so, then does this actually help grow the business? 

Im interested in helping some small restaurant businesses help grow their business using manychat and once I’ve built a good portfolio, I’ll be down with the big restaurants. I’ve read some case studies and found them quite inspiring. And nobody is talking or implementing this strategy in my country so I think I can be at a very good position with time if I can start helping restaurants increase their revenue using manychat using certain strategies and automations. This is really untapped in my country and I feel like I can surely help someone grow their business. What do you think guys? Would love to hear your thoughts on this and if you have any tips then do let me know. Thanks  

2 replies

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I suggest searching for templates related to the restaurant business. Take a thorough look at these templates as they can provide valuable insights on how to assist restaurant businesses effectively.

I have a template that might be helpful, but I'm unsure if we're allowed to share links here. Instead, I recommend searching for "Restaurant business template" as they can offer valuable assistance.

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Yes it works!

But, most of the time, you need more than Manychat to make it work.

I have students who work with restaurants, and most of the times restaurants are not being active on social media and are not generating traffic. The students that have been successful with restaurants also offer a social media solution to generate engagement and subscribers on the chatbot.

Once the subscriber is on the bot, then you need a multi-channel approach to continue to contact the users, offer them promotions, etc. Basically, make them buy more than once. There are different ways to do this, but Whatsapp for example works really well!

Hope this helps ;)