Manychat Community Guidelines | Code of Conduct

  • 21 November 2023
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Welcome to the Manychat Community! We’re happy you’re here 🫶 


We’ve created this Manychat community to provide a place where all users can come together to connect and support each other as we discover the world of chat marketing and chatbots together!

To ensure the community is functioning in the best interest of its members, we do have a few guidelines we ask you to follow. If a guideline(s) is broken, the Manychat community admins reserve the right to remove the post or request that a post is edited so that it meets our guidelines. We will take any steps we deem appropriate to ensure that community conversations meet the policies described below.


Respect each other

  • Treat all members with respect and courtesy.
  • We value diverse opinions and perspectives, and we believe debate and disagreement are totally fine, but personal attacks, harassment, bullying, hate speech, or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • Refrain from using offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate language.
  • Do not engage in trolling, flaming, or any behavior intended to disrupt or provoke negative reactions from other members.


Be an explorer

  • Before starting a new post to ask your question, have a search around the Community to see if the answers are already waiting for you. Our community is full of experts, and it is possible that your question has already been answered. If you can’t find the answers you need after this initial search, create a new post.


No spam and self-promotion

  • Spam and NSFW content are not allowed in this community.
  • Keep any promotional material out of the community. This includes posts that ask members to subscribe to a bot, opt-in to an email list, buy a product or service, and similar. We encourage members to share valuable resources and insights, but excessive self-promotion will be moderated.


Keep it relevant

  • Ensure that your posts and comments are relevant to the community’s focus. Off-topic posts may be removed to maintain the quality of discussions.
  • In order to maintain a positive and collaborative atmosphere, we kindly request that members refrain from mentioning or promoting competitors directly and indirectly. This includes, but is not limited to, explicit comparisons, endorsements, or references to competing products or services.


Protect privacy

  • Be cautious about sharing your own personally identifiable information. Similarly, respect the privacy of other members - do not share personal information about others without their explicit consent. Posts with emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc. will be moderated, and screenshots will be removed.


Report violations

  • If you encounter any violations of these guidelines, please report them: click the three dots in the bottom right corner of a post, and click Report. Our moderators will review it and take the appropriate actions. We appreciate your help in maintaining a positive community environment.



  • The Manychat community is not an extension of the Manychat support. All billing questions and bug reports should be forwarded to the Support Team.



  • If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to discover how to navigate here, check out the community FAQs.


Thank you for understanding and contributing to the positive atmosphere of our community!


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